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SYJC : It Is Second Year Of Jr. College, 12th Standard- Examinations Of SYJC is taken by respective Maharashtra Board. It is very important year for the students, as the whole career of the student can be based on this years score. Students who want to get their preferred colleges and career in graduation needs to score well in all subjects for which, Shah Classes makes their efforts easy. The SYJC Science coaching/tutorials imparted is very exhaustive and wholly concept based. The conceptual explanations are supported by contemporary problems picked up from examinations held in Mumbai.

The question set not only covers the past papers but also the problems which peep into the future. No wonder then, that what is asked at various professional examinations is almost same as or similar to what is taught at Shah Classes, this is the stage where students are going to move out of school and into colleges to get training more focused on their professional skills than theoretical ones.

In this year too, students have to appear for the important HSC exams whose marks will determine which subject they can opt for in colleges and which college are they eligible for, Coaching is provided bearing in mind the high levels of competition and the interest level to the students. We at Shah Classes, teach the students each and every topic as per their school syllabus and conduct class test on every topic after its completion. We insist the students to take parents signature on answer paper so that parents are aware of their child’s progress.